AMT Focuses electronica Munich Attendees on PCAP Capabilities

11/21/2018 | Bulletin No : AMTNE18014

AMT’s exhibit at the biennial electronica Munich trade show came to a successful conclusion last week.  We would like to express our gratitude to all the guests who visited our booth.  The entire AMT exhibition team was deeply honored to receive high praise of the unwavering focus of this year’s display units and the steady messaging of our demonstrations.


Each of our display units clearly illustrated one real-world challenge facing projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) touch operation and detailed the AMT product and methodology used to achieve a working solution.  This left a deep impression on customers and attendees specializing in touch technology.  They instantly recognized the substance of our products and their differentiation from other merchandise on the market.


Our Low Reflective (LR) PCAP touch solution display unit simulated the effects of bright sunlight on a standard PCAP touch panel and an AMT LR PCAP touch panel.  The LCD display on the standard PCAP touch panel was nearly impossible to read while the LCD display on the LR PCAP touch panel was readily legible.  This was achieved through a combination of an Anti-Reflective (AR) cover lens coating, dual glass construction, and a polarizer.  This structure brings the panel’s reflective rate to <1.5% and reveals the display under the brightest conditions.

Our EMI resistant PCAP touch solution display unit simulated a noisy factory floor. The effects of noise from control motors, transformers, and other devices was replicated through a Signal Generator that output 150 volt high voltage and 8kHz low frequency noise interference.  When applied to AMT’s EMI resistant PCAP touch solution, touch operation remained normal.  A combination of low-pass filter hardware for high frequency noise, unique firmware algorithms for very low frequency noise, and increased SNR for signal detecting ensures external noise does not interfere with touch operation.


AMT is constantly working to improve our total touch solutions to surmount any challenge while retaining AMT’s signature reliability, flexibility, and durability. Our solutions are specific, focused, concrete and can be tailored to your product and application environment. There is no problem we cannot overcome.  For more information regarding AMT’s line of comprehensive total touch solutions, please contact our sales representatives.

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