AMT Joins the Fight against COVID-19

04/21/2020 |

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many heroes have stepped up to protect communities through immense sacrifice.  Frontline medical and essential service personnel including doctors, nurses, delivery people, bus drivers, and checkout clerks risk their health and livelihoods.  AMT is grateful for the sacrifice of these selfless members of society and pray for continued health and safety during this pandemic.

Taiwan has been fortunate that our experience with SARS and other flu viruses from China has prepared us to effectively mitigate the impact of COVID-19.  The National Health Command Center utilized information technology, contact tracing, and early intervention measures to keep infections down without the need to resort to societal lockdown.  AMT thanks the government and the Taiwan National Health Command Center for their apt handling of this present crisis.

Located in Keelung, Taiwan, AMT is also fortunate in that our production line and deliveries maintain business as usual.  As an active citizen of Taiwan and the world, AMT is committed to doing our small part to help those in need.   The number of infections continue to rise globally and the amount of medical devices that are urgently needed has exploded.  As a result, AMT has also received emergency orders from our customers in the medical field. In the next few weeks, every AMT employee will be working very hard to produce as many touch panels for urgently needed ventilators, patient monitors, heart diagnostic devices, PPE production machines, etc. as limited material supplies will allow. We hope that these touch panels will be quickly delivered to medical equipment manufacturers through the combined efforts of the entire supply chain and their medical equipment can arrive quickly at virus hotspots worldwide.  AMT and our upstream suppliers are all working hard to prepare the necessary materials for quick production and delivery.  We sincerely appreciate their support in jointly assisting countries and people in need.

AMT hopes this COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end as soon as possible and no other viruses arise in the future to threaten our health and lives.  Stay safe and healthy.

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