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In the medical field, there is nothing more critical than a patient’s comfort, safety, and health.  Medical instruments must operate readily, reliably, and correctly while weathering the rigors of hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, medical wards, and nursing homes.  As the ubiquity of projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) touchscreens grows, medical institutions have begun to adopt next-gen instruments that incorporate PCAP touch functionality.


AMT PCAP touch solutions can be found in ultrasounds, EKGs, dialysis equipment, blood gas analyzers, AEDs, ultrasonic dental scalers, and more.

Challenges facing PCAP Touchscreens

Due to its working principles, PCAP touch screens can find certain operating conditions challenging.  Frequently encountered difficulties in the medical field include:

  • Fluids and gels
  • Surgical/examination gloves
  • High-frequency electrical noise interference

The Advantages of AMT PCAP Touchscreens

As the only company in the world to develop both proprietary touch sensors and proprietary touch controllers, AMT is uniquely positioned to surmount the obstacles found in medical environments.  The AMT advantage includes:

  • Advanced water handling
  • Gloved touch with multiple layers of surgical/examination gloves
  • Passes IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC standard for medical electronic equipment
  • Cutting edge frequency-hopping algorithm
  • Simultaneously enabled in one firmware

AMT PCAP touch modules are already being used in many next-gen medical devices and instruments.  No matter the nature of your system, AMT possesses the expertise, reliability, and flexibility to meet all the requirements of your medical applications.