Increase PCAP Touch Panel Safety with AMT Anti-Shatter Film

08/29/2018 | Bulletin No : AMTNE18010

In addition to manufacturing the most powerful, reliable, and flexible total touch solutions on the market, AMT takes product safety very seriously.  Since AMT total touch solutions are versatile and robust enough to be used in virtually any environment, our touch panels can be found in high foot-traffic and public locations. Injury from broken glass is more likely to occur in these areas where more people are likely to congregate.  Moreover, applications in fields such as healthcare or mission critical systems must prioritize medical personnel, patient, and operator safety.

AMT Anti-shatter Film prevents airborne glass shards.  After extensive testing, it has been shown that no glass shards, from either touch panel or LCD, will exit from an AMT touch panel laminated with Anti-shatter Film and assembled to a LCD, if one or both shatter.  AMT Anti-shatter Film also conforms to UL94 VTM-2 flammability rating.

AMT Anti-shatter Film has a surface hardness of 3H, light transmission of 89 ± 3%, and supports all AMT touch panel sizes.  Anti-shatter Film in 7H surface hardness is also available.  Please contact us if you require this type of film.

  • AMT Anti-shatter Film is beneficial when applied to the front side of touch panels installed in systems such as public kiosks and scholastic learning devices. In these instances, the potential for accidents and injuries increase when there is a large number of casual or juvenile users.
  • Food preparation equipment in food service and production industries can use AMT Anti-shatter Film to prevent food contamination from flying glass.
  • Customers are protected when the touch panels of navigation, entertainment, and other information devices in public/private vehicles utilize AMT Anti-shatter Film.
  • In the healthcare industry, patient comfort and safety are paramount and AMT Anti-shatter Film offers superior protection for medical personnel and patients.
  • Mission critical systems are frequently operated in demanding and inhospitable environments. AMT Anti-shatter Film safeguards devices and operators against the threat of unexpected events.

AMT offers the most comprehensive features and options for taking your project to the next level.  No matter the mission, environment, or function, AMT has a touch solution to meet your needs.  For more information on AMT Anti-shatter Film and other AMT innovations, please contact our sales representatives.

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