PCAP Technology Integral to Next-Gen Medical Devices

07/13/2018 | Bulletin No : AMTNE18008

The next generation of medical devices will see an unprecedented rise of smart machines.  A number of recent research reports indicate that the smart medical device market is set to expand rapidly with an increased prevalence of diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic equipment boasting some type of cognitive computing, deep learning, or intelligent automation.  Projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) touch panels are already being adopted in increasing numbers by medical solutions providers and the advantages of PCAP touch technology make it a natural fit for the smart medical market.

PCAP touch panels complete the look and feel of advanced medical devices.  A true-flat PCAP touch product accentuates the design of cutting-edge healthcare equipment.  Increasing device functionality also requires the multi-touch and gesture capabilities only PCAP technology can provide.  At the same time, a seamless glass panel is extremely easy to clean and very resistant to scratches and chemicals.

AMT PCAP touch solutions provide the greatest functionality and safety in medical settings.

  • IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition medical EMC compliance and proprietary frequency hopping ensures continuous operation regardless of internal or external noise interference
  • Gloved touch support in standard firmware allows operation with multiple layers of surgical gloves
  • Advanced water handling prevents false touch phenomena caused by fluids and gels on the touch surface
  • AMT optical bonding sharpens and clarifies the most important medical imaging

Furthermore, AMT PCAP touch solutions are the best choice for current and future medical devices.  In addition to all the advantages of standard PCAP touch panels, AMT PCAP products have exclusive access to AMT’s proprietary PhotoReal décor glass.  AMT PhotoReal décor glass is the world’s leading full color gradient digitally printed touch panel cover glass less than 4mm.  Medical devices may also require dedicated function shortcut buttons.  Dedicated buttons can be created with AMT virtual keys without compromising the panel’s true-flat design.  Customers can take advantage of these two product options to open up new possibilities in terms of product aesthetics.

AMT touch solutions lead the market today and are always ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  Contact our sales representatives for more information regarding AMT’s superior products and services.

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