PenMount 2019 Review

12/19/2019 | Bulletin No : PMY19012

The PenMount team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We would like to thank all of our customers for their kind support in 2019 and hope the new decade will bring us greater opportunities and fresh horizons.  In 2019, PenMount continued to optimize touch functionality and refine the overall user experience.  We introduced features to make our products more adaptable, reliable, and intuitive while remaining the industry leader in dependable customer service.


At the beginning of the year, PenMount released standard PCAP controller firmware version 6.1.0.  PenMount firmware version 6.1.0 enhanced Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards, noise immunity, and touch panel resolution.  PenMount firmware version 6.1.0 also includes proprietary feature System Reference (SR) to stabilize touch signals in changing noise and temperature conditions.  SR technology comprehensively processes the values obtained by firmware and compares the results to trending disparities in background data allowing PCAP panels paired with PenMount firmware to operate in the temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

PenMount PCAP touch controllers continue to meet the highest standards in two major EMC categories, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and conducted susceptibility (CS). A standard PenMount PCAP control broad paired with standard PenMount Firmware V6.1.0, can pass the IEC 61000-4-6 ESD air 15KV Level IV standard at Criteria A and the IEC 61000-4-6 CS standard at 15V.

PenMount PCIUtility has also been upgraded to version 1.7.3 with added simplified Chinese language selection, providing reconfigurable production utilities, easy firmware update, and additional diagnostic and parameter setting interfaces.   PCIUtility 1.7.3 also possesses options to select and adjust different noise filtering methods such as “Median Filter,” “Enhanced Driving,” and “Enhanced Frequency Hopping.”  These features are robust tools to counteract noise interference, quickly and effectively diagnosing and solving touch signal issues.

PenMount’s most recent achievement was the release of the PenMount PM6601 resistive control board for Resistive Multi-Touch (RMT) Solutions.  PenMount has developed a new resistive touch algorithm which allows the PenMount PM6601 to detect two analog touch signals and enable line drawing, true 2-point operation, and 2-finger gestures.  A RMT touch solution is indispensible for applications that absolutely require correctly verified input and a near-zero tolerance for false touch signals caused by external noise interference such as heavy industry HMI and mission critical systems.

Once again, we would like to thank you, our dear customers, for your support in 2019.  PenMount wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you in the new decade!

You are welcome to download all of PenMount’s standard product data and drivers directly from our website at: http://www.amtouch.com.tw or http://www.penmount.com. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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