PenMount Leads the Industry in EMI Solutions

06/25/2019 | Bulletin No : PMY19006

Last month, PenMount Bulletin showed readers the ease in which customers adopting PenMount projected capacitive (PCAP) products can account for LCD noise interference before system assembly with PenMount PCIUtility.  We continue our look at noise immunity with environmental noise and show why PenMount noise immunity leads the market.

Currently, PenMount PCAP touch controllers are unsurpassed by the competition in two major Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) categories, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and conducted susceptibility (CS).  This month, PenMount Bulletin will discuss ESD.  It is common in dry regions for friction to create an electrical charge.  This charge will be retained in human bodies until they come into contact with an object with a different electrical potential.  At this time, the electrical potential will discharge, hence ESD.

A PCAP signal is derived from sensing the changes in electromagnetic fields extending from the panel surface.  Even if a human body is not holding a charge, a finger touch is enough to trigger a touch report.  Thus, in a dry environment where a human body is carrying a large electrical charge, contact with the touch panel will instantly generate an ESD and cause a series of false touch points.  In the worst cases, the touch panel will be completely disabled and will require reboot for normal operation.

A standard PenMount PCAP control broad paired with standard PenMount Firmware V6.1.0, can pass the IEC 61000-4-6 ESD air 15KV Level IV standard at Criteria A due to our proprietary noise filtering.  In general, almost all supplier specifications are set to achieve ESD air 15KV, Criteria B (operation disabled by noise, recovers when noise stops) compared to the Criteria A (operation completed unaffected by noise) for PenMount products.

Since ESD causes electrical anomalies and degrades electronic product performance, appliances, commercial equipment, industrial machines, and medical devices all have relevant regulations governing ESD strength and area of effect.  The 15KV Criteria A Level IV performance achieved by PenMount PCAP products is the highest standard defined by relevant regulations.  This level of ESD will not interfere with PenMount PCAP operation.  No false touch points will occur and the system will not be disabled.

One of our Japanese customers tested panels from many manufacturers and discovered that false touch signals occurred on each one when subjected to ESD air 8KV Criteria B testing.  After consulting with PenMount, we provided them with a new firmware to test.  The firmware not only passed ESD testing at 8KV, it easily passed 15KV testing, maintaining normal operation, to the grateful satisfaction of the customer.

PenMount noise handling capabilities are second-to-none and are a great asset to the reliability and durability of your mission-critical systems.  Customers can have peace of mind when using PenMount products in all types of demanding environments.  For more details, please contact our sales representatives.

You are welcome to download all of PenMount’s standard product data and drivers directly from our website at: http://www.amtouch.com.tw or http://www.penmount.com. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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