PenMount PCIUtility Optimizes Touch Functionality

05/31/2019 | Bulletin No : PMY19005

For this edition of PenMount Bulletin, we will be trying something new by including a video demonstration to accompany the content of the bulletin. We hope this type of presentation will more accurately portray the power and user-friendly nature of PenMount products.  PenMount PCIUtility is an invaluable tool when designing a touch product or troubleshooting an existing design.  As the one constant, unavoidable, and most direct source of noise interference affecting projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panels, the LCD panel must be accounted for in the design of every touch system.  PenMount PCIUtility provides simple and timely adjustment and is a powerful tool when troubleshooting touch products.

When initially fitting a PCAP touch panel to a LCD, customers can use PenMount PCIUtility to perform a “Noise Level” Test to determine whether the LCD is emitting enough noise to be detrimental to touch functionality.  Different LCD’s emit differing levels of noise according to displayed image.  Therefore, PenMount PCIUtility’s “Noise Level” test includes four modes and we recommend performing the test in each mode to determine the highest noise interference level.


If noise interference is high enough to affect normal touch functionality, “Noise Level” test will be unsatisfactory.  In this situation, PenMount offers customers several solutions.  Under normal circumstances, increasing the distance between the touch panel and LCD and adjusting “Median Filter” and “Enhanced Driving” will negate LCD noise.

Please click the link below for a video demonstration of “Mitigating Noise with PenMount PCIUtility”: https://youtu.be/e9XjdbhkRR0


In addition, more noise mitigation can be used to account for specific applications and external noise.  For example, in a medical facility there are many proximate electronic devices emitting noise.  In this case, standard PenMount firmware includes options such as “Median Filter,” “Enhanced Driving,” and “Enhanced Frequency Hopping” to deal with noise.  “System Reference (SR)” calibration will also adapt the PenMount touch solution to any specific environment.

PenMount provides the most powerful and accurate touch solutions on the market.  We create advanced functionality that is convenient and reliable to meet the needs of our customers.  Please take a look at our linked video when you have time and do not forget to hit subscribe and like!  For more details, please contact our sales representatives.

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