PenMount Releases PCIUtility V1.6 supporting Firmware V6.1.0

02/27/2019 | Bulletin No : PMY19002

Last month, PenMount released standard projected capacitive (PCAP) touch controller firmware update V6.1.0 to market which enhanced EMC standards, noise immunity, and touch panel resolution.  In order to support the new functionality offered by PCAP firmware V6.1.0 and to provide customers with a more user friendly experience, the new PenMount PCIUtility V1.6 was also released simultaneously.

PCIUtility V1.6 provides the following upgrades over previous versions:

  • Select different noise filtering support methods: PCAP firmware V6.1.0 has a number of built-in software noise filters (i.e. low pass filter, median filter, enhanced frequency hopping, etc.) to facilitate the operation of different applications in environments with different levels and frequencies of noise. PCIUtility V1.6 provides customers with a switch mechanism to freely select between filters to accommodate different environments, increasing user application adaptability to work in a specific environment.
  • Provide reconfigurable production utilities: in order to promote smoother production line operation and record production status, PCIUtility V1.6 adds a “process config” function and a PCIUtility (PD) for use in the production line. Users can use PCIUtility to set a function (i.e. firmware update/open short/noise level/build SR/drawing test/verify firmware information), provide this setting to PCIUtility (PD) through “config,” and let the production line execute PCIUtility (PD). Users can select function and sequence and results will be automatically saved after execution to facilitate use by the production line.
  • Provide easy firmware burning: PCIUtility V1.6 has added a new function, “Combine firmware and parameter” in “Field Update.” This allows customers to create a file that can burn firmware and parameters onto the controller simultaneously, saving time and effort.

When you use the new PenMount PCAP firmware V6.1.0, please update PenMount PCIUtility V1.6 for better operation.

PenMount provides relevant user manuals for newly released functionality.  If you have any questions regarding these new functions or information for your project, please contact our sales representatives.

You are welcome to download all of PenMount’s standard product data and drivers directly from our website at: http://www.amtouch.com.tw or http://www.penmount.com. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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