How do I drive a PenMount 6000 USB device in QNX 6.4.1/6.5?

1. Description

PenMount 5000 / 6000 USB touch screen controllers are standard HID complant devices, therefore they are directly supported by the QNX HID device driver and calibration utility.
To enable PenMount USB touch screen input, please follow the steps described in the following section.

2. Device Setup

(1). Touch Screen Setup

Check if the file /etc/system/trap/input.${HOSTNAME} exists.

(A). If yes, append the following text at the end of the file :

devi-hid touch

(B) If no, create a new file by using the following command :

#inputtrap query > /etc/system/trap/input.${HOSTNAME}

After the file is created, use text editor and add the following text :

devi-hid mouse kbd touch

Save the file and restart the system to make the changes take effect.

(2) Touch Screen Calibration

To calibrate the touch screen, please open Terminal, then run the following command :


This will launch the QNX calibration utility. By default, the utility will use 3 point calibration algorithm.
If you need more control on calibration, please read the documentation on QNX website


In the QNX system, why do the USB mouse and USB keyboard stop functioning after I install a PenMount USB device according to instructions?

This is because system procedures will switch to reading input.${HOSTNAME} to intitiate driving. Thus, please open file input.${HOSTNAME} and add devi-hid mouse kbd touch to ensure normal USB mouse and keyboard operation.