For Windows Embedded

Can the WinCE system support 2 PenMount devices?

No, WinCE cannot simultaneously support 2 or more devices.  If you need to use 2 PenMount devices, please contact your sales window.

I have installed the PenMount WinCE Driver according to the steps in ReadMe.txt and connected the PenMount RS-232 device to the COM Port but it still does not function. How do I resolve this issue?
  • Determine whether there is a conflict with the COM port resources used by your PenMount RS-232 device and exclude the effect of the Debug Port.
  • Please ensure the system COM Port driver load sequence is earlier than the PenMount driver sequence.
Why is there no Beep Sound in the Windows XP Embedded system?

Please ensure you added the Beep Driver when compiling the Windows XP Embedded system. Otherwise, there will be no Beep.