Low Reflective Design

Outdoor, mission critical and other systems used in direct sunlight must ensure displayed information is legible. AMT has released a Low-Reflective (LR) design to address this issue in projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panels.  Our goal was to lower light reflectivity to 1.5% to meet the PCAP touch solution requirements set by our customers.

AMT LR PCAP touch panels utilize a two-layer glass design.  The cover lens is a glass panel paired with an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating.  It can also be décor glass.  The sensor is a Double-sided ITO (DITO) design.  A polarizer layer helps achieve a light reflectivity of 1.5%±0.5%.  AMT LR PCAP touch panels also confer a light transmittance rate of 85%±3%.  Currently, AMT LR PCAP touch panels are available in dimensions from 3.5” to 24”.  This touch solution can greatly reduce the effect of reflected sunlight, satisfy customer requirements, and make LCD displays visible under the strongest light.



  • Size is available 3.5”–24″
  • Up to 85% light transmission
  • Reflective rate <1.5%
  • UV light resistant, meet ASTM G154 cycle 1 at 500 hours
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • PenMount PCAP controller supported
  • Operating temp. : -25°C– 75°C / Storage temp: -35°C– 85°C.
  • Humidity test at 90%RH, max 40°C without dew condensation
  • Design easily bonding with LCD panel

AMT LR PCAP touch panel design is different from standard PCAP touch panel structure and all AMT LR PCAP touch panels can be paired with PenMount PCAP controllers.  AMT LR PCAP touch panels retain the array of features built into PenMount controllers whether noise immunity, water handling, thick cover lens, or gloved operation.

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