High Light Transmission (HLT)

The light transmission rate of an average touch screen is approximately 78~81% when measured with either full-spectrum or 550nm wavelength test equipment. Mounting this type of resistive touch screen on a low brightness LCD means viewers will not be able to clearly see items displayed onscreen in a bright light environment.

However, AMT’s High Light Transmission (HLT) touch screen possess a highly increased light transmission rate of 85%, achieved by laminating an AR (Anti-Reflective) layer onto the ITO glass and ITO film, reinforcing light transmission and further improving visibility on a low brightness LCD. This product also allows for light transmission rate adjustment through varying glass thickness and AR coating intensity.


Glass thickness on the HLT touch screen will determine light transmission rates, see the table for reference:

Glass ThicknessLight Transmission Rate
1.1 mm glass85%
1.8 mm glass84.5%


  • Surface finish: Antiglare or Clear
  • Light transmission: 85%
  • Sizes: 3″ to 19″ diagonal size
  • ITO glass thickness: 1.1mm and 1.8mm
  • Tail design: FPC type, Integral tail or others
  • Tail terminator: ZIF, Berg, AMP, AMP compatible or others
  • Input method: finger, gloved, stylus
  • Activation force: 0.1N to 1.0N depending on design
  • Surface hardness: 3H
  • Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
  • Storage temperature: -40℃ to +80℃
  • Operating humidity:
    • if temp. ≧ 40°C, humidity less than 80% RH
    • if temp. < 40°C, humidity less than 90% RH
    • No dew condensation
  • Storage humidity: ambient humidity
  • Insulation resistance: 10M [email protected] DC
  • Linearity:
    • < 1.5% for 4-, 8-wire touch
    • < 1.0% for 5-wire touch inner area
    • < 1.5% for 5-wire touch perimeter area
  • Contact bounce:
    • < 10ms for 4-, 8-wire touch
    • < 15ms for 5-wire touch
  • Operating voltage: 5.5 V
  • Contact current: 70mA (maximum)

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