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04/19/2019 | Bulletin No : AMTNE19005

Many of AMT’s success stories are only possible due to our flexibility, technical expertise, and dedication to service.  This gives our global subsidiaries and distributors a substantial competitive advantage and creates value for our customers.  AMT’s U.S. subsidiary AMTouch USA services the North American market and has resolved many issues for our customers to deliver successful products and projects.

Customer challenge – 1

Touch display with projected capacitive (PCAP) input are mass produced with the LCD, PCAP sensor, and cover glass manufactured at the same time.  Modifying the cover glass is not normal and requires MOQs.  An AMTouch USA medical customer asked for new cover glass while maintaining the design of the touch panel.

  • AMT solution: Using AMT’s AFF touch sensors we were able to mix-and-match different cover glass options without redesigning the entire part. Within 2 weeks we had new artwork approved and parts in production.
  • AMT advantage: For AMT, modifying cover glass thickness, adding surface treatments, and décor printing is normal and easy to do with very low MOQs. This is convenient, fast, and economical for customers who want to transfer a current design to a new platform or product offering.

Customer challenge – 2

An AMTouch USA industrial customer that manufactures handheld measuring devices recently had an issue with their PCAP products in the field. The issue was yellowing and bubbling of the PCAP ITO film over time.

  • AMT solution: AMT was able to quickly diagnose the issue as UV damage. The customer confirmed that some end users were frequently leaving units on front seats of work vehicles in direct sunlight. AMT offered an easy adjustment to meet this new design requirement with our Anti-UV design in the construction of the PCAP touch sensor.
  • AMT advantage: AMT’s Anti-UV design can easily replace standard design used in every touch sensor without altering the visual optical properties. AMT after sale service made this process quick and convenient.

Though standard AMT PCAP touch solutions are extremely powerful, standard parts are not for everyone. AMT engineers PCAP solutions to match customer application requirements and provides continuous support before and after sale.  AMT’s control of touch sensor, cover glass, controllers, and software offers customers complete support for the life of their product and our flexible PCAP construction helps customers adjust to unforeseen challenges with minimal issues.

AMT engineers PCAP total touch solutions. Our peers sell part numbers. We build partnerships with our customers and relationships with design teams.  To upgrade your project with the convenience and flexibility of an AMT PCAP total touch solution today, please contact our sales representatives.

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