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Installing systems with touch capabilities outdoors often presents additional challenges.  Systems located in areas without the protection of shelter are subjected to the rigors of weather, sunlight, and errant objects.  As the most frontline component, PCAP touch solutions bear the brunt of scorching summers transitioning into subzero winters, UV damage, and the occasional vandal.

AMT PCAP touch solutions can be found in gas station pumps, outdoor kiosks, yachts, and mission critical systems.


Challenges facing PCAP Touchscreens

Due to its working principles, PCAP touch screens can find certain operating conditions challenging. Frequently encountered difficulties in the outdoors include:

  • Intense sunlight
  • Errant objects and vandalism
  • Rapid changes in temperature and humidity
  • Rain

The Advantages of AMT PCAP Touchscreens

As the only company in the world to develop both proprietary touch sensors and proprietary touch controllers, AMT is uniquely positioned to surmount the obstacles found in outdoor environments. The AMT advantage includes:

  • Low-Reflective (LR) PCAP Touch Solution
  • Anti-UV design
  • IK10 compliant
  • Anti-shatter film
  • PenMount System Reference (SR)
  • Advanced water handling

Imbuing a PCAP touch enabled system with the qualities necessary to operate reliably and accurately away from the safety of shelter is not an easy task.  AMT’s accumulated experience and mature technology allow us to achieve what others cannot.  When success is a priority and the mission critical, AMT can take your product to the open-air and beyond.