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07/23/2020 | Bulletin No : AMTNE20008

Over half of 2020 has already passed yet many parts of the world are still mired in the COVID-19 pandemic.  The relaxation of restrictions in some countries has coincided with a resurgence of cases, so we need to remain vigilant, wear masks, wash our hands, and perform basic protective measures.  AMT cares deeply for the health of our partners, friends, and their family and, to this end, AMT released our GermBlok antibacterial film in May and we have received positive feedback from many customers.  At the time, customers were tasked with applying GermBlok film to their systems in a simple process which promotes germ suppression and safeguards public health.  Now we can laminate GermBlok on products prior to shipment to provide the greatest benefits to the end-user.


AMT GermBlok is a nano-silver antibacterial film that can be applied to the surface of a touch screen much like a screen protector.  GermBlok film has a thickness of 155um with a greater than 90% transparency and has been tested with the JIS Z 2801 method using E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus with resulting anti-bacterial value of R>2(99%).  Currently, GermBlok film is available in sizes up to 32” and can be cut to size according to your needs for projected capacitive (PCAP) or resistive touch screens.


In order to maximize health benefits by ensuring the largest number of users can take advantage of GermBlok film, AMT can laminate GermBlok onto customer products at AMT’s production facility before delivery.  If your product is already in the field, we can size GermBlok film to your touch screen dimensions for after-market lamination.  In addition, GermBlok does not have a minimum order quantity to ensure customers can safely operate touch screens with built-in antibacterial properties and any type of product can potentially adopt the antibacterial properties of GermBlok film.  After delivery, customers can readily replace GermBlok if needed as it is easy to remove and will not affect the touch screen surface.  As long as nana-silver remains on the GermBlok film surface, its antibacterial properties will be effective.

AMT’s vision is based on bringing a superior touch experience to each person that uses our product while being the most ecologically-friendly company possible.  AMT cares for the health and happiness of all people and our produces are infused with this goal.  We encourage you to adopt GermBlok for the wellbeing and safety of your customers when operating touch screens.  For more information regarding GermBlok film, please contact our sales representatives.

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