How many surface types and finishes are available for GFG (glass-film-glass) touch screens?

Surface glass can either by thin glass (0.2mm) or heavy-duty film.  Clear and anti-glare finishes are available for both glass types.

What are the advantages of GFG touch screens? What are the differences between GFG and standard resistive touch screens?

For GFG touch panels with thin glass as the surface layer, advantages are scratch resistance, easy to clean, and chemical resistance.

For GFG touch panels with HD film as the surface layer, advantages are better environmental tolerance and anti-abrasion and support for stylus operation.

How many GFG touch screens sizes are available?
  • 0.2mm thin glass surface:  3” to 19”
  • HD film surface:  3.5” to 10.9”
Is more force required to activate a GFG touch screen?

Due to the lamination of a thin glass top layer, slightly more force is required than standard resistive touch screen operation. AMT GFG touch screens’ activation force is generally less than 1N.

What is the function of the black Mylar on the GFG’s surface?

This 0.1mm thick Mylar protects the thin glass edge from the customer’s front bezel. If you do not require this Mylar material, please contact us before delivery.

Does AMT stock standard GFG touch screens?


How long is your warranty for GFG touch screens?

The warranty is one year.

What is the hardness of GFG touch screens?
  • Top surface layer: 0.2mm clear glass: hardness is > Mohs 5
  • Top surface layer: 0.2mm AR clear glass: hardness is 7H.
  • Top surface layer: HD film, hardness is 9H.
What are some GFG touch screen applications?

A GFG touch screen is good for applications that require abrasion resistance such as equipment for public use and ticketing systems. For special applications in high temperature environments or in places where potential exposure to chemicals necessitate an easy-cleaning feature, AMT recommends a GFG panel with a thin glass surface.

Are there any critical zones on a GFG touch screen?

There are 2 critical zones on a GFG touch screen. First are the edges of the thin glass. AMT protects this zone through the application of black Mylar. The second critical zone is located in the viewing area.  This zone is much more likely to be damage by a stylus due to the gap created by the double-side adhesive.

Can GFG touch screens be designed with low-reflection?
  • GFG with a thin glass surface can include a low-reflection feature.
  • GFG with HD film does not support a low-reflection feature.
What are the operating and storage temperatures of your GFG touch screens?

Operating temperature for GFG: -30 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Storage temperature for GFG: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

Can I add an EMI shielding layer to the back of your GFG touch screen?