AMT Offers New PCAP Touch Panel Structures

10/21/2019 | Bulletin No : AMTNE19011

One of the core principles of AMT’s business model is customer service.  Every touch solution we produce, from design to production, quality control, and beyond is based on an idea of optimizing the customer experience and their products.  There are a number of projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panel structures on the market and customer applications will favor some over others.  In order to fulfill the ever-broadening needs of diverse industries, AMT will begin offering customers the option of choosing two different PCAP touch panel structures.  Starting from Q4 of this year, we will officially release our dual glass (DG) PCAP touch panel product to complement our existing line of excellent glass/film/film (GFF) PCAP touch panels.

GFF Structure PCAP Touch Panel

A GFF PCAP touch sensor is a flexible, light weight, and relatively thin structure composed of two sheets of PET film laminated together.  GFF PCAP touch panels can be customized easily to fit the specific needs a of variety of applications.  Standard sizes are available from 3.5” to 32”.  GFF PCAP touch panels are suitable for many fields including, industrial, commercial, medical, automation, aerospace, and more.

DG Structure PCAP Touch Panel

A DG PCAP touch sensor is two pieces of glass. A cover glass piece and a second piece of glass with conductive material sputtered onto its top and bottom surface. The glass structure conveys slightly better light transmission with an overall higher panel thickness.  In addition, a DG PCAP touch panel is heavier and this weight difference increases as panel size grows.  Touch panel sizes of 7”, 10.1”, 15.6”, 21.5”, 27”, and 32” will be ready in Q4 of this year.  Customers can request custom sizes from our sales representatives.  DG PCAP touch panels are suitable for a wide range of applications.

AMT provides both GFF and DG PCAP touch panels for customer selection and both of these PCAP touch panel structures meet AMT’s high standard for quality and specification performance.  If customers have any value-added PCAP touch panel requests, the AMT team will design and develop a product based on the requested specifications and provide a proper recommendation to our customers for the best product feature performance to meet their applications.

For the best results, AMT GFF and DG PCAP touch panels are paired with powerful and reliable PenMount PCAP touch controllers.  This combination provides customers with a host of comprehensive features and the best EMC specifications on the market.

For detailed information regarding which touch solution is right for you, please contact our sales representatives.

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