AMT PCAP Touch Solutions Weather Heat and Cold

08/16/2019 | Bulletin No : AMTNE19009

AMT projected capacitive (PCAP) total touch solutions utilize the most versatile touch sensors on the market. We manufacture our PCAP touch sensors to optimize performance in a broad range of applications and we use durable designs and materials that withstand electromagnetic noise and the environment.  In order to adequately serve the industrial and medical markets and outdoor applications, AMT has, once again, set a new standard for touch sensor operating temperature.

The original operating temperature of AMT PCAP glass-film-film (G/F/F) sensors was -30°C to 70°C.  AMT PCAP G/F/F sensors now have an operating temperature range of -30°C to 80°C.  When paired with PenMount controllers and firmware, proprietary System Reference (SR) technology allows the touch panel to weather rapid temperature changes to maintain touch operation.

Walk-in freezers are typically maintained at a temperature range of -18°C to -22°C.  Any PCAP touch device used insider such as a tablet used for inventory or interior control panel will need to perform at the lowest possible end of this temperature range.   The average winter temperature of extreme latitudes can reach -30°C.  Equipment utilizing PCAP systems must be hardened for these low temperatures.

Certain environments, such as car interiors on a hot summer day or high-temperature factory floors, regularly reach 80°C while still requiring the use of  LCDs with touch capabilities.  AMT PCAP touch panels installed in relevant devices or facilities can easily endure this level of heat.  More impressively, an AMT PCAP touch solution equipped device can go from high to low temperature (i.e. forklifts moving items into and out of industrial freezers) with little difficulty due to the SR firmware feature.

Even while delivering impressive temperature endurance, AMT PCAP touch panels paired with PenMount controllers retain the advanced features that are a must in extreme environments such as water handling and gloved touch.  The operating temperature of PenMount PCAP touch controllers is -40°C to 85°C and seamlessly complements AMT PCAP touch panels.

AMT is always your best partner and we have now enhanced our G/F/F specifications, increasing operating temperature to -30°C to 80°C.  Paired with a PenMount PCAP touch controller, this touch solution delivers superior performance.  For more information on AMT PCAP touch sensors’ new temperature specifications, please contact our sales representatives.

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