Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its inception, AMT has been committed to the values of cooperation, mutual trust, and love, as well as care for society and the underprivileged. We strive to fulfill corporate social responsibility and create happiness for our staff and society.

Helping and caring for underprivileged groups is what AMT has proactively pursued over the years. Our staff not only shares their knowledge and experience, but also tries their best to care for and assist underprivileged communities.

Caring for Indigenous Communities

Each year staff members representing AMT visit remote regions in Taiwan to donate rice or supplies to the underprivileged and provide aid for children’s education. We travel to Keelung, Shenkeng, Taitung and Pingdong to donate rice to poor families and the local indigenous communities and sponsor after-school programs in these areas so that children can have a better future.


Charity for Schools in Remote Regions

At the end of every year, our staff contacts primary and secondary schools in different regions to identify the needs of underprivileged students in their schools. We make donations to schools and children in remote mountain regions or areas damaged by natural disasters in hopes of alleviating the problems they face related to their living conditions.


Volunteer Day

AMT encourages all staff to participate in volunteer day. Everyone receives a paid day-off each year to take part in community service. We hope to motivate the staff to volunteer in the community as a way to give back to  society and appreciate the joy of giving.


Supporting Taiwan’s Local Arts

AMT is committed to supporting emerging artists in Taiwan. There are many talented artists and groups in Taiwan who deserve our attention and support and AMT will continue to encourage those artists who work tirelessly to realize their dreams so that they can have more opportunities to shine and make Taiwan a creative center for beautiful arts.


Corporate social responsibility is a cherished value in AMT’s management. We hope to make a positive influence on our staff and society through our contributions to charity and community service.