Energy & Environmental Policy

Implementing Energy and Environmental Conservation

Since its establishment in 1998, Apex Material Technology Corp. (AMT) has focused on the development and innovation of total resistive and projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP touch) touch solutions.  AMT has always provided high quality products and services through high efficiency and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques and we are committed to corporate social responsibility and our obligation to the citizens of the world.  We hope to services customers while, simultaneously, enhancing the quality of the environment and reducing energy usage.

Our commitment

  • Regulatory Compliance: compliance with energy and environmental protection ordinances and other relevant requirements
  • Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction: implement energy saving measures and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases
  • Pollution Prevention: manufacture through a clean process to prevent environmental pollution
  • Achieve Goals: provide resources to ensure the achievement of energy and environmental protection goals
  • Green Design: introduce energy saving and environmentally friendly design during the manufacturing process and product development
  • Green Procurement: select highly efficient, low environmental impact equipment and materials
  • Continuous Improvement: continue review and improvement to enhance management system performance
  • Sustainable Development: fulfill corporate social responsibility to move towards sustainable development
  • Disaster Prevention: implement risk management to minimize the likelihood of disasters
  • Health Promotion: prevent occupational diseases and create a healthy and friendly workplace
  • Dignified Labor: zero tolerance for any form of unlawful workplace violations
  • Full participation: ensure employees and their representatives participate in the plan, do, check, and act (PDCA) processes of the security management system


If you would like to offer AMT any suggestions related to environmental protection, please contact  [email protected].

ISO Certifications

Quality and environmental protection have always been our mission. AMT obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification. Through systematic management and stringent quality assurance standards, we are able to ensure the quality of our products and services.

To further incorporate our green policy into our management system, AMT received ISO 14001 : 2015 environmental management system certification.  With the introduction of the ISO 14001 management system, environmental compliance is enforced, and environmental policies are implemented throughout the product life cycle to effectively reduce pollution and waste.

AMT passed ISO 50001:2011 energy management system certification. We actively implement energy saving measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In terms of procurement, we have also selected highly efficient, low environmental impact equipment and raw materials and continue to improve management performance to move towards a corporate vision of sustainable development.

AMT obtained ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) certification. ISO 45001 is an international OHSMS standard released in 2018 with over 70 countries directly participating in its drafting and a goal of more systematically protecting the safety and health of workers and others.


ISO Certification 9001:2015

ISO Certification 14001:2015

ISO Certification 50001:2011

ISO Certification 45001:2018

Green Power Mark

AMT purchases green power and has obtained the Green Power Mark issued by the Bureau of Energy MOEA to do our part for the development of sustainable energy.   Green Power refers zero or near zero carbon emissions during the power generation process.  Compared to other methods of power generation (such as coal power), it has a relatively low impact on the environment and can help us move towards a clean future.


Declaration of Conflict-Free Mineral Policy

As a facet of corporate social responsibility and in compliance with the D.F. Act and related requirements, AMT requests our suppliers commit  to eschewing the use of conflict minerals from the Republic of Congo and its neighboring nations. Our No Conflict Minerals Policy is as follows:

  1. Our supply partners must sign a declaration abstaining from the purchase of conflict minerals produced in conflict areas and will strive to require upstream and various raw materials suppliers to refuse use of conflict minerals from conflict areas through a letter of commitment.
  2. To ensure the additional compliance of supply chain manufacturers with this policy, all material suppliers are required to fill out the Commitment to Prohibiting the Use of Conflict Minerals containing and concomitantly providing a list of  minerals processing manufacturers to ensure that their products do not use any conflict minerals from aforementioned areas.


  • Conflict metals: Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold.
  • Republic of Congo and its neighboring nations: Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan ,Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia

Our Environmental Commitment

AMT is committed to protecting human health and the environment. We are fully aware of our global responsibilities to the citizens of the world and pledge to protect our environment. AMT touch products have been certified to be free of hazardous substances and in conformity with the following regulations from numerous regions worldwide:

  • RoHS, Restrictions on Hazardous Substances
  • EU 2011/65/EU directive ( on electrical equipment for use within certain voltage limits) ; and Amended directives:
    • 2005/618/EC、2005/717/EC、2005/747/EC、2006/310/EC、2006/690/EC、2006/691/EC、2006/692/EC、2008/385/EC
  • EU 94/62/EC Directive (on packaging and packaging waste standards)
  • EU 2006/122/EC, a PFOS directive on the restrictions on marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations: perfluorooctane sulfonates
  • EU REACH, Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances, a new EC Regulation on chemicals and their safe use
  • GADSL, Global Automotive Declarable Substance List
  • SB 20/50, United States Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003
  • CEPA 1999, Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999
  • South Korean Act for Resource Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Vehicles
  • Japan’s Law for the Promotion of Effective Use of Resources
  • JGPSSI, Japan’s Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative
  • SJ/T 113T3-2006, Standard of the Electronics Industry of the People’s Republic of China on Requirement for Concentration Limits for Certain Hazardous Substances in Electronic Information Products
  • IPC 4101B, Association Connecting Electronics Industries on Halogen Free Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards
  • JPCA-ESO1:2003, Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association, on Halogen Free regulations
  • IEC 61249-2-21:2003, International Electrotechnical Commission on requirements for properties of non-halogenated epoxide woven E-glass reinforced laminated sheets

AMT confirms that all its products are in compliance with environmental laws and regulations, ensuring that our customers’ products marketed worldwide do not come into conflict with various countries’ respective local environmental ordinances. AMT will remain up-to-date regarding and comply with international environmental regulations so as to provide quality touch products that are safe and environmentally friendly.