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In the medical field, instruments must operate readily and reliably while weathering the rigors of hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, medical wards, and nursing homes. AMT Medical and Healthcare Touch Solutions possess the functionality and quality to provide patients and medical professionals with the performance they demand in an uncompromising environment.


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Challenges facing PCAP Touchscreens

As the ubiquity of projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) touchscreens grows, medical institutions have begun to adopt next-gen instruments that incorporate PCAP touch functionality. AMT PCAP touch solutions can already be found in ultrasounds, EKGs, dialysis equipment, blood gas analyzers, AEDs, ultrasonic dental scalers, and more.  These devices frequently encounter the following challenges when used in a medical setting:

  • Fluids and gels
    Any conductive substance that comes into contact with the touch surface has a chance of registering as a touch signal.  Fluids and gels are the most common substances to accidentally contaminate the touchscreen and trigger unwanted touch events.  The PCAP touch solution must be able to differentiate and filter these events.
  • Surgical/examination gloves
    Medical personnel will wear one or more layers of gloves.  The PCAP touch solution must be able to sense a finger signal through this intervening insulation.
  • High-frequency electrical noise interference
    Medical devices will frequently share a space with other machines and sources of electromagnetic radiation.  The PCAP touch solution must be able to filter this interference from actual touch signals.

The Advantages of AMT PCAP Touchscreens

As one of the few companies in the world to develop both proprietary touch sensors and proprietary touch controllers, the synergy AMT is able to create between hardware and software uniquely positioned us to surmount the obstacles found in medical environments.  The AMT advantage includes:

  • Advanced water handling
  • Gloved touch with multiple layers of surgical/examination gloves
  • Passes IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition EMC standard for medical electronic equipment
  • Cutting edge frequency-hopping algorithm
  • Simultaneously enabled in one firmware

The operation of AMT Medical and Healthcare Touch Solutions is not impeded by unwanted contact or external interference.  Medical professionals can control medical devices whether with bare skin or through layers of gloves.  When the patient is the foremost concern, they depend on this reliability to deliver safe care and diagnoses.