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Conventional transportation systems can be found in virtually all environments while more specialized vehicles traverse these places and beyond.  Many of these systems are responsible for moving a large volume of passengers and are required to meet governmentally mandated standards of safety and reliability.  At the same time, a myriad of vehicle types means a PCAP touch solution must be just as functional on a scooter as on a rocket destined for space.

AMT PCAP touch solutions can be found in helicopters, trains, automobiles, commercial aircraft, speedboats, mission critical vehicles, and more.


Challenges facing PCAP Touchscreens

Due to its working principles, PCAP touch screens can find certain operating conditions challenging.  Frequently encountered difficulties in the transportation field include:

  • Sunlight
  • Rain or environmental water
  • Extreme weather
  • Airborne glass shards from broken panels
  • Government mandated transportation standards

The Advantages of AMT PCAP Touchscreens

As the only company in the world to develop both proprietary touch sensors and proprietary touch controllers, AMT is uniquely positioned to surmount the obstacles found in the field of transportation.  The AMT advantage includes:

  • Anti-UV, Low-Reflective (LR) PCAP Touch Solution
  • Advanced water handling
  • System Reference function and Glove support
  • Anti-shatter film
  • Passes DO-160 Conducted RF Emission at 150KHz to 152MHz and Radiated RF Emission at 100MHz to 6000MHz
  • Simultaneously enabled in one firmware

The comprehensive features included in every AMT total touch solution deliver the versatility and reliability necessary to be built into different forms of transportation.

In addition to delivering powerful firmware and software functionality, AMT PCAP transportation touch solutions offer the advantage of proprietary hardware architecture unmatched on the market.