PCAP Touch Controllers

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PenMount is a well-known brand in the touch controller industry. Touch controllers play a key role in the performance of projected capacitive input (PCI or PCAP) touch panels. The superior performance of AMT PCAP total touch solutions is made possible by the perfect integration of AMT PCAP touchscreens and PenMount touch controllers, drivers, and utilities, allowing for quick and easy implementation of AMT PCAP touch products.

PenMount’s competitive edge lies in our team’s ability to develop touch controllers, firmware, and drivers in-house. We are thus better positioned to meet any requests from customers. PenMount provides 2 different controller solutions: independent control board and chip on Flex, all controllers are supplied with firmware installed. Customers can choose from options that best fit their special needs for different panel sizes and application requirements.


Features and Advantages

  • Control boards & COFs for different PCAP touch sensors sizes
  • PCAP controller supports single, dual, and multiple touches
  • Multiple host interfaces supported, USB, RS-232, UART and I2C
  • Interface auto-detection on some control boards
  • Remote firmware updates
  • High SNR (Signal Noise Rate) for touch signal identification
  • Fast sampling rate
  • PCAP controller firmware, utility, and drivers are developed in house
  • Complete drivers available for different hardware platforms, drivers for Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ Vista/ XP/ CE/ Linux, Android, etc.
  • Utilizes highly reliable touch sensor connector
  • Available Chip solution

In this section, we will introduce the outstanding performance of PenMount PCAP controllers, IC’s, and drivers.