AMT PCAP drivers support duel or single touch and dual touch gesture recognition on Windows XP / Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10, Windows CE.

AMT PCAP supports single touch and dual touch gesture recognition functionality with Linux Ubuntu and the Android inbox driver.

AMT will also develop embedded drivers for other popular operating systems.

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Dual Touch Gestures

In addition to dual touch functionality, AMT’s PCAP also supports gesture recognition functionality in Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/ 8/ 10. Gesture recognition software can be configured to respond to individual finger gestures with specific functions. Each function can be defined to either enter a keyboard hot-key or to execute a specific application program. Users can also disable individual gestures which they believe are not needed.

There are 15 PenMount gestures in 3 groups:

(A) Straight Gestures: Up, down, left, right, up-right, down-right, up-left, down-left.


(B) Arrow Gestures: down-arrow, up-arrow, right-arrow, and Left-arrow


(C) Others: Triangle, alpha, circle


These gestures can be defined to meet specific customer requirements. For example, gesture can be defined as a function key or as a command that executes an application program. We currently support 15 PenMount gestures. AMT will be glad to add more gestures in the future by customer request.

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