PCAP Touch Screen

Since its inception, AMT has always been focused on developing projected capacitive input (PCI or PCAP) touch solutions for industrial applications. We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and provide high-quality PCAP touch solutions to fulfill the demands of their applications.


Features and Advantages

  • Provides total sensor, control board, and driver solution
  • 3.5” – 32” standard PCAP touchscreens
  • Standard true flat projected capacitive touch panels
  • Different sensor structure designs for various applications
  • A number of control board and COF (Chip on Flex) types for the PCAP controller
  • Single and multi–touch capabilities
  • Durable and scratch-resistant surface
  • High light transmittance
  • Supports PenMount single-touch and dual-touch gesture recognition
  • No calibration is required during long term use
  • High temperature, high humidity environmental test compliance
  • Product with EMI shielding design
  • Advanced Gloved touch and water detection

The following sections will provide a detailed introduction regarding PCAP touchscreens.