PhotoReal Décor Glass

Not only is AMT the world’s only one-stop shop purveyor of both proprietary touch panels and proprietary controllers, we are now the only touch solution company in the world capable of printing photorealistic décor glass touch panel cover lenses. In addition, every printing process is expected to meet durability standards.  PhotoReal Décor Glass panels have passed internal adhesion testing, environmental testing, and UV testing.  Customers can incorporate these beautiful panels into their products with peace of mind.

PhotoReal Decor Glass Brochure

Our unique digital printing technology features:

  • Proprietary nanoparticle pigment formula
  • Proprietary printing process
  • Up to 1 million colors
  • Photorealistic color gradients
  • Can print on thin substrates
  • No need for high temp curing
  • Passes adhesion testing
  • Short lead time
  • Available in small quantities
  • Exact color matching (ICC and CMS)
  • Environmentally friendly production process and materials



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