PCAP Touch Solutions

The pattern and trace design of projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch panels are determined by the detecting and calculation method of projected capacitive touch controllers. We recommend customers use matched PCAP touch panels and controllers for better performance.

AMT provides total Projected Capacitive Input solutions. Through the integration of touch panels, controllers, and drivers, customers will be able to easily install and operate projected capacitive touch solutions.

AMT offers two Projected Capacitive Touch Solution options:

Projected capacitive touch panel and control board


The projected capacitive touch panel and control board are separate units.

We provide projected capacitive touch panels in sizes from 5.7” to 32”. PenMount provides different control boards for different sized touch panels. PenMount PCAP controllers and the touchscreens they support are as follows:

  • PM1210: 5” – 7.9” PCAP touchscreens
  • PM1310: 8.4” – 10.4” PCAP touchscreens
  • PM1410 & PM1415: 12.1” – 15.6” PCAP touchscreens
  • PM1710, PM1711 & PM1715: 17” – 32” PCAP touchscreens

PCAP COF touch panel


A projected capacitive touch panel with a COF controller (PCAP COF) is a Chip-on-Flex (COF) with the controller IC mounted on a FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) tail. The COF PCAP is easy to integrate into mobile devices because it needs less space in the system. PenMount PCAP controllers and the touchscreens they support are as follows:

  • PM2103 COF: 3.5″ – 4.9″ PCAP touchscreens
  • PM2203B COF: 5” – 7.9” PCAP touchscreens
  • PM2205 COF: 5” – 7.9” PCAP touchscreens
  • PM2300 COF: 8” – 10.4” PCAP touchscreens
  • PM2304 COF: 8” – 10.4” PCAP touchscreens
  • PM2357 COF: 8″ – 12.1″ PCAP touchscreens


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