Mission Critical

AMT projected capacitive (PCAP) touch solutions are uniquely and wholly suited for mission critical systems.  AMT’s reliability and durability ensure the completion of the most complicated missions, in any environment, anywhere in the world whether in aircraft, on ships, or in all-terrain vehicles.  AMT innovation takes your product to the cutting edge and gives users the tools necessary to defeat the competition.


Challenges facing PCAP Touchscreens

Mission critical systems are expected to operate effectively in the harshest of environments.  These environments present an assortment of challenges including:

  • Intense sunlight
  • Rough Handling
  • Weather
  • Extreme temperature and humidity
  • Rapid changes in temperature and humidity
  • Reduced EMI signature

The Advantages of AMT PCAP Touchscreens

As the only company in the world to develop both proprietary touch sensors and proprietary touch controllers, AMT is uniquely positioned to surmount the obstacles faced by mission critical systems.  The AMT advantage includes:

  • Low-Reflective (LR) PCAP Touch Solution
  • Anti-UV design
  • Thick cover lenses meet IEC 62262 IK8, IK9, and IK10 standards
  • PenMount System Reference (SR)
  • Advanced water handling
  • Electromagnetic shielding and anti-EMI design

Not only do mission critical systems demand the best, mission critical system component procurement is usually restricted. AMT products pair the highest quality with a brand you can trust. When the stakes are high, count on AMT total touch solutions for your success.