User Guides

We provide different PenMount utilities and user guides to facilitate customer operation.  Currently, available guides are as follows:

  • PenMount PCIMSet Users GuidePCIMSet  is an abridged PCAP utility primarily for end customer use to facilitate fine-tuning of firmware parameters on demand.
  • PenMount PCIUtility Users GuidePCIUtility is a comprehensive PCAP utility primarily for use by distributors or system integrators.  This utility includes “parameter setting,” “firmware update,” “diagnostic tools,” and “ debugging tools” which can all be completed in a few easy steps.
  • PenMount PCI Utilities Users Guide:Instrustons for using PCIMSet parameter adjustment tool, PMUpdate firmware update tool, PCIScan diagnostic tool, and PMToolKit Debug tool.
  • PenMount Device Driver Users GuideInstructions for using PenMount PCAP controller drivers.