Low Reflective

Please explain the design philosophy of low reflective touch screens.

AMT utilizes circular polarizers (CR) with a reflective rate of approximately 1.5% for LR (Low Reflective) touchscreens.

What sizes of AMT’s low reflective (LR) touch screen are available?

The sizes of available LR touch screens are from 3” to 19” with 4-, 5- and 8-wire designs.

How is the LCD absorption axis identified? How many types of LCD absorption axes are there?

Please check with LCD vendors.  AMT can also supply a sample LAAT (LCD absorption axis tester) for measuring your LCD absorption axis. It is important to confirm the LCD absorption axis before you order a LR touch screen.

Please contact us for details and sample LAAT.

In general, most TFT LCD absorption axes are 45˚ or 135˚ but there are new LCDs with 0˚ absorption axes. For color STN LCDs, there is no standard absorption axis.

Can AMT supply low reflective touch panels without the rear side 1/4 retarder film?

Yes. When required, the 1/4 retarder film can be bonded to the front of the LCD.  This process must be completed by manufacturers and is not meant for end users.

Does AMT stock standard LR touch screens models?


What is the warranty period of AMT’s LR touch screens?

One year.

How do you clean the surface of LR touch screens?

Please visit the “Support” section for details or contact us for the correct cleaning methods.

Can EMI shielding be added to the rear side of LR touch products?