How many touch areas and touch inputs are available for a Multi-Finger (MF) resistive touch screen?

At present, the MF touch screen is designed with 12 touch zones. Each touch zone supports only one simultaneous touch.

Does AMT own patents relating to MF touch screens?

Yes, AMT has applied for several MF touch screen patents in Taiwan and in other countries.

What are the MF touch screen sizes?

MF touch screen sizes range from 3” to 22”, number of touch zones depend on requirements. There can be 2 to 12 touch zones on one touch screen.

Can the touch zones be different sizes and different shapes?

Yes, touch zones can be different sizes and shapes, though it is recommended that each touch zone is in contact with the panel border.

What type of technology do MF touch screens employ?

MF touch screen is designed with X- and Y-axis circuitry on the bottom layer. The top layer is separated into multiple areas to allow multiple touches.

Can all touch screens be designed with the MF feature?


What is the warranty period of AMT’s MF touch screen?

One year.

Can Multi-Finger touch screens be integrated with other technologies, such as LF (Low Reflective) or GFG?


Does the MF touch screen require a special controller?

The PenMount 6250 touch control board is designed for MF touch. It supports RS-232 and USB interfaces and 2 to 12 touch zones.

What industries are suitable for MF touch screens?

MF touchscreens are suitable for the industrial field and especially when “safety” and “ command confirmation” are vital operation considerations in avoiding operational error or danger.

Does the MF touch solution meet Window 7 certification criteria?

MF touch is designed for touch confirmation based on resistive technology. MF touch technology allows simultaneously touch commands in different designated areas but does not conform to some Win 7 requirements.