Touch Window

How do I design a Touch Window touch screen?

You have to confirm the overall size of the Touch Window touch screen and clearly indicate tail type and connection to the PCB terminal because the Touch Window touch screen does not have a display front bezel to cover the touch screen.  The only material on the top of the touch screen is the décor film .

How many Touch Window design options are available?

The Touch Window product is a touch screen with a decorative feature. The Décor film laminate allows customers to print designs onto the panel. There are several ways for the tail to be routed to the back of the LCD such as drilling a hole through the glass panel, notching the edge of the glass, etc. Edges and corners can be seamed or curved depending on requirements. Please contact us for design details.

What are the Touch Window touch screen sizes?

At present, the maximum size of Touch Window is 510×400 mm. If your size requirement falls in this range, please contact us.

Does required activation force increase on the Touch Window touch screen?

Yes, but it does not increase much.

How many colors are available for the décor film?

A maximum of 4 colors.

Does AMT have standard Touch Window touch screens in stock?


What is the warranty period of AMT’s Touch Window touchscreens?

One year.

What is the surface hardness of the Touch Window touch screen?

The top surface is décor film with a hardness of 3H.

Can a Touch Window touch screen be designed with EMI shielding on the rear side?

Yes it can.  Please contact us for EMI shielding specifications.