Projected Capacitive Utility & Driver

Can PenMount PCI controller parameters be adjusted?

PenMount provides utilities to allow customers to adjust parameters.

What are the functions of PenMount provided utilities?

PCIMSet sets parameters, PMUpdate updates firmware, and PCIScan detects touch panel abnormalities.  PCIUtility combines the functions of these three utilities.

How is firmware update performed on PenMount PCI touch controllers?

You can use the PCIUtility or PMUpdate utilities provided by PenMount to update firmware.

Is there a limit to the number of times firmware can be flashed onto a PenMount PCI controller?

Sudden interruption of power during the flashing process can damage the IC.  Apart from this, the IC can be flashed 1000-3000 times under normal circumstances.

How do I inspect new PCI controllers and touch panels?

We recommend using the PCIScan utility to test functionality.

Can adjusted controller parameters be copied to other PenMount PCI controllers?

Yes, PenMount can provide utilities to allow adjusted parameters to be quickly copied to other PenMount PCI controllers.

What operating systems do PenMount utilities support?

PenMount utilities can support Windows OS and Linux OS.

Can PenMount PCI controllers by operated in Windows 7/8/10?

PenMount PCI controllers can support the Windows 7/8/10 USB inbox driver. Drivers for other supported interfaces are available on the PenMount website.

Which hardware platforms are supported by PenMount PCI touch product drivers?

PenMount can support X86 systems and ARM based Linux systems.  USB inbox driver built in starting from X86 Kernel 3.0. You can choose a PenMount driver to download from the driver page of the PenMount website suitable for your OS version.  If the OS you are using is not on this list, please contact us.

Can PenMount PCI products support ARM based Linux or Android operation systems?

Yes, PenMount can provide code to allow customers to develop drivers in-house.

How do I use the multi-touch function if my system is Linux or Android?

In Android, drive your PenMount hardware device with the driver source code provided by PenMount and pair with a multi-touch Android application to access multi-touch functionality.

Does PenMount provide drivers for ARM series hardware platform structure corresponding to the Linux or Android platforms.

Please contact us if you use an ARM hardware platform (RISC architecture).  We will need for you to fill out customer information and sign an NDA.  PenMount can provide driver source code to allow you to successfully drive PenMount devices on your system.

Can PenMount PCI controllers support Chrome?

Yes, PenMount provides driver source code support.

Do PenMount PCAP products support Kylin Android OS?


Should the PCAP USB Windows universal driver located on the AMT website be installed? What is the difference if it is used?

Installing the PCAP USB Windows universal driver is not recommended for normal operation in Windows. This driver is only used when customers require special applications (i.e. simultaneous operation across multiple touch screens).

Can PenMount PCAP products support Android on Intel Atom processors? Can utilities support Android APK?

Yes, please contact our sales representatives.

Other than providing source code for to develop drivers for different OS’s on Raspberry Pi, do PenMount PCAP products provide utilities?

AMR Library is supported (text version).

Why does the “Tablet PC Input Panel” function pop up? Is there a way to disable this pop-up?

Starting from Win7, Windows operating systems will automatically enable “Tablet PC Input Panel” when a touch device is connected and this action cannot be disabled.  The only way to circumvent this function is to use Mouse Mode.  However, Mouse Mode does not support mult-touch capabilities.

Do PenMount PCAP products support Ubuntu16.04 and Android 5.1.1.?

PenMount PCAP product drivers can be downloaded from the AMT website.  If a driver corresponding to an OS cannot be found, please contact AMT.  When there is no ready-made driver, we normally provide source code or protocol support.  Please contact AMT sales representatives for details.