Standard Resistive Touch Screen

What is AMT’s minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

There are various MOQ requirements for different panel sizes.  Please contact AMT or a distributor for details.

What is AMT’s warranty period?
  • 4/8 wire, Low Reflective touch screen: 1 year
  • 5 wire touch screen: 2 years
  • GFG (Glass-Film-Glass) touch panels: 1 year
  • LR (Low Reflective) touch panels: 1 year
  • True-Flat (Framed Touch / Touch Window) touch panels: 1 year
  • Multi-Finger touch panels: 1 year
Does a change in tail location necessitate new tooling?

Yes.  This is considered a new touch panel design

What are some highlights of AMT’s quality?

AMT provides maximum reliability and product lifespan, as well as the benefits of strong R&D and pre/after sales service.

What is the new (custom) item generation procedure?

LCD or current touch screen drawings are submitted for evaluation. Once it has been determined that no standard (in stock) items meet specified requirements, a customized part number, initial quotation for a sample, and lead time are generated.

Does AMT provide design integration services?

Yes, please refer to our Design Services section. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How are AMT products packaged?

Since there is a wide range of touch screen sizes and tail designs, we use a number of different packing boxes. AMT provides inner and outer cartons to secure each touch screen for shipment. Please contact us, if you have any special packaging requirements.

What are AMT’s return merchandise authorization (RMA) procedures?
  • Customers inform AMT Customer Service of defective item(s).
  • Customer Service provides the customer with a RMA request form and a RMA tracking number. The customer fills out the RMA form and mails the defective item together with the form to AMT.
  • Customer Service receives item(s) and processes RMA form while informing sales and customer thereof.
  • Customer Service examines items, reports to customer, and returns referral and new item(s).
Are AMT devices RoHS compliant?

Yes. Please refer to ESH Policy.

Are AMT items compatible with ELO or other brand names?

Yes. AMT provides many standard touch screens compatible with ELO and other brand names, please contact Sales for detailed information.

What are the advantages of AMT’s products?
  • AMT Provides customized products for different applications, including 4/5/8 wire, Low Reflective, High Light Transmission, true-flat resistive touch products
  • Sizes from 3” to 24”
  • Various FPC tails lengths and terminations with different types of connectors available: ZIF, AMP, AMPC and BERG
  • Optional front/rear Gasket/Adhesive
  • Total control board and driver solution
What types of touch screen construction does AMT offer?

We provide Film-Glass, Film-Film-Glass, Film-Film-PC construction for various applications. If you need further information, please contact AMT.

Why is a FPC tail preferable?

FPC tail is high in adhesive force and flexibility with a small bend radius and available in different tail lengths, pitches, terminations, and customized shapes, e.g. L or U.

Can an AMT compatible connector be modified into a connector with a latch?

Yes. Please contact our sales staff.

What is the difference between an integrated tail and FPC tail?

An integrated tail is made from the same material as the ITO film.  It has a higher bend radius than a FPC tail. A FPC tail is manufactured from a flexible printed circuit with a smaller bend radius.

Is AMT ISO certified?

Yes, AMT factory operations are ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 : 2004 certified.

Does AMT meet UL certification?

AMT products are UL 60950 certified at UL code E331240.

Which control boards and drivers are compatible with AMT touch screens?

PenMount control boards and drivers are available for all AMT touch screens.

What is the largest panel size offered by AMT?


Can standard in-stock AMT screens be adapted for LR functionality?


Does AMT provide EMI-shielded touch screens?


Besides environmental tests, what other tests are employed by AMT?
  • Surface chemical resistance test
  • Linearity test
  • Drop ball test
  • Activation force test
  • Pen Sliding test
  • Loop resistance test
Why do bulges appear on touch screens?

This phenomenon is referred to as “Pillowing”. The cause may be excess air between PET film and glass or improper lamination of the touch screen.

Are AMT touch screens compatible with Windows 7/ 8 and pen input thereof?

AMT touchscreens with PenMount controllers can support pen input in Windows 7/8.