21.5″ Open Frame Touch Monitor

This model is excellent for indoor public areas (i.e. hypermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, casinos, arcades, etc.) where convenient and intuitive operation is required.  The X215A-000 touch screen display open frame monitor utilizes a 250 nit AUO LCD paired with an AMT projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panel and PenMount PM1715 control board.  After optical bonding lamination, the touch screen display possesses optimized display quality and user-friendly operation

open frame

When designing a machine for public use, certain factors must be considered including users of all types in public areas, a rugged touch surface to mitigate damage from accidental impact, and proper seals to prevent the ingress of water or dust into the system body causing malfunctions.  In order to greatly lower the risk of glass breakage, we replaced standard touch panel cover glass with a pane of 1.8mm chemically strengthened CNC glass.  In addition, we sealed the glass panel edge with a rubber gasket not only to protect the glass panel but also to increase the air tightness of customer systems to the IP65 standard, effectively lowering the possibility of dust or water breaching the system body.

Public systems such as KIOSKs frequently range widely in terms of shapes and aesthetics depending on interior design.  It is not cost-effective for customers to custom manufacture a different display with every new design.  Thus, AMT has designed brackets on each side of the open frame.  Each bracket is a two-piece assembly designed to allow installation depth adjustment for additional flexibility, reducing design and development costs.


  • True-flat Water Resistant Design
  • 8mm chemically strengthened printed black border decor glass
  • Décor glass completely sealed with rubber gasket meets IP65 dust and water ingress protection standard
  • Black enameled metal back panel protects LCD and control board
  • 250 nit LCD
  • VESA mount to facilitate assembly
  • Includes 4 side brackets for side mounting. Each bracket is a two-piece assembly designed to allow installation depth adjustment for additional flexibility.

21.5inch Open Frame Brochure




Touch Monitor
  • Part No.: X215A-000
  • Mechanical Design: Metal housing sealed around rubber
  • Dimension, WxHxD (mm): 519.0×314.0x37.0mm
LCD Panel
  • Size: 21.5”, 16:9
  • Resolution: Full HD 1920×1080
  • Maximum Brightness: 250cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • View Angle: 89/89/89/89
Touch Panel
  • Chemically Strengthened Décor Glass
  • Mohs 5 Surface Hardness
  • Anti-UV Design
  • Anti-Interference Design
  • Advanced Water Handling
OS Support
  • Windows, Linux and Android
I/O interface on rear site
  • VGA, HDMI, USB(Touch), RS232(OSD), DC‐in. OSD Keypad
  • 5.04Kg
  • Rear: 4 Hole 100x100mm VESA rear mounting
  • Side: 2 Hole mounting interface on all four sides
Input Voltage
  • DC input 12~19V
  • Adapter output power connector: DC barrel plug (2.5mm pin inner diameter, 5.5mm barrel outer diameter, 11mm barrel length)
  • HDMI Cable, VGA Cable, Touch USB Cable, Side Mount Bracket, Screw
  • Adapter, AC Cable, OSD Remote Control