21.5″ Sunlight Readable Open Frame

This 21.5” open frame touch monitor is designed for use in strong sunlight. We have all had the experience of viewing an LCD in direct sunlight.  When used outdoors, displays tend to be blurry and difficult to read.  This is because the brightness of the LCD is less than the brightness of the reflection of sunlight off of the LCD surface.  In order to solve this problem, the X215-001 utilizes a high-brightness 1600 nit LCD.  Even under strong outdoor light, displayed content is still clearly visible.  Thus, this unit can be installed in the park, at the beach, around amusement centers and it is suitable for customer systems such as vending machines, interactive information systems, etc.

Other unique features included in this open frame monitor are the addition of IR film and anti-UV film on the touch panel and optical bonding lamination of touch panel and LCD.  In terms of mechanical design, the outdoors pose challenges including high temperatures, strong UV radiation, water, and dust in addition display issues.  Thus, we use anti-UV optically clear adhesive (OCA) when bonding touch panel and décor glass to reduce UV damage to the display.  Placing IR film between the touch panel and LCD coupled with a Louvre design (airflow-based fan-less cooling structure built into the open frame touch monitor module) increases heat dissipation and prevents heat from conducting into the interior of the system.  We have also added a rubber gasket between the décor glass and the system body to seal the system against water and dust (IP65) after assembly.  In order to reduce damage from unavoidable impacts in public areas and provide customers with peace of mind, the X215-001 is upgraded with 2.8mm chemically strengthened glass.


  • True-flat Water Resistant Design
  • 8mm chemically strengthened printed black border decor glass
  • Décor glass completely sealed with rubber gasket meets IP65 dust and water ingress protection standard
  • Anti-UV OCA
  • IR Film heat insulation on rear side of touch panel
  • 1600nit high brightness LCD, readable in outdoor sunlight
  • Black enameled metal back panel protects LCD and control board
  • Cooling vents to ensure system operation stability
  • VESA mount to facilitate assembly
  • 4 side brackets to facilitate front/rear mounting