Tail & Surface Finish

AMT provides total solutions for Projected Capacitive Input (PCI or PCAP) through various touch panel with a number of in circuit connections and touch surface treatments. Please refer to the following for details.

PCAP Tail Designs

Just as there are different structures and sizes for PCAP touch panels, PCAP touch panel tail designs are different as well. Below are the characteristics of PCAP tails:

  • The number of ITO traces embedded in touch panels is dependent on panel size with larger panels having more traces.
  • The location of the tail is usually on the long side of the touch panel, the shorter the tail the better the touch functionality.
  • A PCAP touch panel can have two or more tails , including a COF tail.
  • We use a ZIP connector for the PCAP COF tail to reduce the size and height of the system connector.
 1-tail 2-tailPCI-COF
 One tail Two tail COF tail

PCAP Surface Finish

Generally, glass is used as the top surface of our projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panels. This top glass layer is commonly available in clear/glossy finish. An anti-glare finish is available upon request.

In addition, we continue to develop new PCAP touch panels with printed black borders. Several standard touch panels with Décor glass are currently available.

P3008-decor-glass1  20120829-1

More standard true flat touch panel sizes will be coming soon and we believe AMT’s elegant standard true flat touch panels will be your best choice. If you need custom true-flat PCAP touchscreens or other surface treatments, please contact us.

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