Construction & Surface Finish


AMT offers customers a choice of 3-layer or 5-layer construction.

3-Layer Construction

3-Layer touchscreens from AMT, a popular choice for most applications, feature film-on-glass construction with a single circuit layer bonded to a scratch-resistant surface layer, over a layer of spacer adhesive, then over a bottom layer of glass integrating the all-important conductive coating.


5-Layer Construction

AMT’s 5-layer construction features two ITO films on acrylic or polycarbonate and provides two layers of circuitry with a spacer adhesive sandwiched between with the bottom layer optically bonded to the backing panel.

AMT only manufactures 5-layer panels as OEM special orders based on individual customer needs and environmental requirements.


Surface Finish

In order to provide the best match for any application environment, AMT offers a choice of surface finishes for all touch screen components.


An antiglare finish is desirable in environments where glare from ambient lighting may interfere with viewability and/or when the likelihood of frequent scratching is high. AMT antiglare finish offers the highest antiglare index and provides the strongest resistance to environmental reflection.


Where ambient glare is not a concern, AMT’s clear finish provides the best possible image quality and superior visual results.


AMT resistive touch screens possess a surface hardness index of 3H (pencil hardness) or greater. Our latest GFG touch panel features a surface hardness of 5 Mohs. If the top layer is HD film, the surface hardness will be 9H pencil hardness.

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