AMT Offers Powerful PCAP Solutions for Transportation

10/09/2018 | Bulletin No : AMTNE18012

The aesthetic and versatility of projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) touch solutions compliment systems in almost every industry.  However, due to the sensitivity of PCAP products to environmental noise, different forms of transportation each present unique challenges.  As the world’s only manufacturer of proprietary touch panels and touch controllers, AMT is distinctively positioned to bring powerful solutions to land, sea, and air.

In terms of air travel, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is very important.  During takeoff and landing, passengers are asked to switch mobile phones to airplane mode and turn off electronic devices to prevent interference to communication and electronic equipment on the airplane.  Thus, FAA regulations require all devices installed on aircraft pass DO-160 Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment certification.

AMT’s PCAP solutions with suitable integration and firmware adjustment have passed DO-160 electromagnetic emission certification performed by a third party laboratory.  An AMT PCAP touch panel with anti-EMI film has the following advantages:

  • Passes DO-160 Conducted RF Emission at 150KHz to 152MHz and Radiated RF Emission at 100MHz to 6000MHz.
  • Plane resistance is less than 0.5 ohm/sq and reduces RF Emissions 5-10dB.
  • Special design offers very good electromagnetic shielding effect.
  • AMT PCAP touch panels with anti-EMI film have a light transmission rate of 82% compared to 60% seen in traditional PCAP touch panels that incorporate metal mesh products.
  • PenMount controllers are readily adjustable.

In addition, land and sea transportation may expose PCAP touch panels to sunlight or water.  For example, touch panels installed on scooters, bicycles, go-fast boats, and the decks of yachts are often unprotected from the elements.  Airborne glass shards are also a concern on any airplanes, automobiles, trains, or ships that carry passengers.  AMT PCAP touch solutions offer a wealth of features to mitigate these issues.

  • A shatter-proof cover lens or anti-shatter film can be used in land vehicles and trains to prevent airborne glass shards in case of impact.
  • AMT Low-Reflective (LR) touch panel design ensures readability in direct sunlight on yachts, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.
  • AMT’s powerful water handling prevents false touch points when the touch panel is splashed with water and is suitable for maritime transport.

The comprehensive features included in every AMT total touch solution deliver the versatility and reliability necessary to be built into different transportation devices or vehicles.  For more detailed information on applying AMT total touch solutions to your vehicle, please contact our sales representatives.

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