AMT Optical Bonding Spearheads Single Part No. Sourcing

06/20/2018 | Bulletin No : AMTNE18007

AMT relentlessly pursues advancements in materials and processes to remain at the forefront of touch technology.  In Q2 2018, AMT began providing in-house Optical Bonding of projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) and resistive touch panel to LCD’s as a service to enhance the optical performance of customer products and reduce the complexity of their supply chain.  AMT Optical Bonding overcomes the limitations of disparate LCD panels and continually exceeds the expectations of the market and leads all equivalent services.  In addition, AMT’s Optical Bonding service heralds the arrival of AMT’s Single Part No. Sourcing service.

When customers choose to place an order through Single Part No. Sourcing, bonding service, touch panel, and LCD components are all represented by one part number.  AMT Single Part No. Sourcing not only simplifies customers supply chains, it also makes ordering much more convenient.

AMT Uses Solid OCA for Optical Bonding of LCD panels

AMT employs a solid optically clear adhesive (SOCA) in its optical bonding process. In the past, bubbling occurred frequently around the periphery of the LCD when using SOCA bonding. Thus, some current LCDs inset the polarizer into the frame as a production design consideration. It is not easy to fill the gap between polarizer and frame directly with SOCA. This gap can be filled with OCR but OCR will often leak into the LCD panel and adversely affect product quality after bonding. AMT has developed a proprietary process that utilizes a composite bonding process to surmount this obstacle and allow a sound SOCA bond.

SOCA Optical Bonding Increases Light Transmission and Shock Resistance

Due to the elimination of the air gap, optical bonding increases LCD light transmission by approximately 9% compared to air bonding.  AMT optical bonding light transmission can reach 91% or more.  AMT SOCA also has excellent shock absorption, reducing the effect of impact by 50% at a 0.5mm thickness and 80% when SOCA thickness is 1mm.  Currently, SOCA thickness is available at 0.2mm, 0.5mm, and 1mm+.

AMT SOCA is Repairable After Delivery

When used for bonding, OCR must be cured through UV light treatment.  After UV curing, OCR requires specialized solvent to dissolve and this is a difficult process.  AMT’s special SOCA does not apply UV curing and it is repairable after field utilization and the repair process is easier than the OCR repair process.

AMT is tireless in our pursuit of excellence in hardware, software, and production processes to bring you the only true total touch solution on the market.  Whether in terms of touch sensors, controllers, bonding, décor glass, firmware, or features, AMT products possess the synergy and customized support that allow customers to incorporate touch modules into places and things that are only limited by their imaginations. To find out more about AMT’s optical bonding process, please contact our sales representatives.

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