AMT Tailors PCAP Touch Solutions to Your Product

03/14/2018 | Bulletin No : AMTNE18003

AMT is committed to crafting total touch solutions that are the most full-featured, easy to use, and functional within the widest range of environmental conditions.  Our customers use AMT projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) products in high-end markets encompassing heavy industry, automation, medicine, aviation, transportation, and commerce.  AMT’s comprehensive hardware, firmware, and software solutions conform to many testing standards and our unique designs allow us to undertake countless distinct projects and satisfy customers’ high diversity high end product needs.  AMT understands the issues facing product applications in different industries and this understanding lets us customize PCAP touch solutions for our customers.  The following industries illustrate the strengths of the AMT PCAP brand.

  1. Industrial Applications

Industrial sector applications frequently encounter demanding working environments.  Customer products must resist noise interference, endure impacts, and support gloved operation.  AMT PCAP solutions meet IEC 61000-4-3 RS Level III 10 V/m and IEC 61000-4-6 CS Level III 10 Vrms specifications.  In order to increase product durability, we offer PCAP products with thick cover lenses.  These unique PCAP touch panel designs can meet IEC 62262 IK8, IK9, and IK10 protection ratings, AMT PCAP products support a number of specialized gloves for added ease of operation.  All AMT PCAP solutions can also take advantage of virtual button designs for added functionality.


  1. Medical Applications

Customers in the medical field specify highly rigorous standards for PCAP product reliability.  AMT PCAP noise immunity meets medical safety specifications IEC 60601-1-2 V4.  Medical equipment regularly comes in contact with various fluids such as alcohol, saline, blood, medical gels, etc.  AMT’s superior water handling mechanism ensures errant fluids do not interfere with the operation of medical equipment.  Furthermore, medical personnel frequently wear up to 5 layers of latex gloves.  Support for this ubiquitous use of latex gloves in medical settings is also built into AMT PCAP products.

  1. Outdoor Applications

Outdoor applications normally encounter weather and temperature fluctuations and equipment placed in public areas must endure high-frequency usage.  AMT PCAP solutions can be customized to support a cover lens with 6mm, 10mm, or thicker glass to resist heavy use and impacts while, simultaneously, providing gloved operation and water resistance.  AMT PCAP firmware also features System Reference (SR) to stabilized PCAP touch panel operation within a wider operating temperature and humidity range.  Applications exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time can adopt an anti-UV design to mitigate UV damage.  AMT anti-UV panels can pass ASTM G154 Cycle 1 at 500 hours by special request.  For readability in sunlight, AMT will be releasing a low reflective PCAP touch solution which can reduce reflection rate to less than 2.0%.

  1. ATM

Information confidentiality and privacy protection are very important considerations in terms of bank payment systems, government systems, and hospital information systems.  When personal information, account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, etc. are entered through the touch panel and transferred to the system, this sensitive data must be encrypted to maintain information security.  AMT can provide privacy filters and encrypted data transmission for these types of applications.  For PCAP touch panels, the viewing angle of the display is limited when a privacy filter is applied which prevents others from seeing onscreen information.  In terms of data transmission, our firmware mechanism encrypts data before transfer to the system where it is decrypted by firmware to ensure information security on the touch module.

AMT continues to strengthen our product functions, quality control, and technical services to create the greatest value for customer projects.  In addition to offering customers full featured and high performance touch products, AMT is also committed to providing simplified design, product assembly, and troubleshooting.  If you would like more details regarding AMT products and services, please contact our sales representatives.

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