New PenMount PCIUtility for Linux Users

02/22/2018 | Bulletin No : PMY18002

Happy Chinese New Year from the PenMount team!  PenMount designs and produces some of the most innovative touch solutions in the world and we have focused our ingenuity on bringing customers projected capacitive (PCAP or PCI) touch products that redefine functionality across a multitude of distinct environments.  The wealth of features built into PenMount PCAP touch solutions allow the PenMount team to expertly meet the requirements of customer projects and our dedication to user-friendly operation and service separates PenMount from other products offered on the market.

PenMount PCIUtility is already a valuable asset for Windows systems in terms of testing, configuring, and updating a PCAP touch module.  By using PenMount PCIUtility, customers can easily adjust a number of touch parameters to define functionality without having to modify firmware.  In addition, PenMount PCIUtility will automatically adjust relevant parameters when certain parameters are changed.  The ease and flexibility achieved by the deployment of PenMount PCIUtility has earned praise and recognition from many customers.  PenMount PCIUtility for Windows V1.4 added Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to verify parameter settings, Enhanced Driving to stabilize touch operation and sensitivity, and System Reference (SR) to improve operation in wide temperature and humidity ranges.

In Feb, PenMount PCIUtility for Linux will be updated to version 1.2.  This version brings the functionality of PenMount PCIUtility for Linux in line with PenMount PCIUtility V1.4 for Windows.  Currently, PenMount PCIUtility for Linux operates in text mode in consideration of compatibility for most Linux systems, including customers who do not operate Linux in X Window or Qt graphics mode.

PenMount PCIUtility V1.2 for Linux supports the following:

  1. PenMount Firmware: V5.2 for P2-08 controller ICs and V3.3 for P2-06 controller ICs.
  2. Platforms: ARM (soft float / hard float), X86 (32 / 64 bit).
  3. Linux Kernels: v2.6, 3.x, and 4.x.

PenMount PCIUtility for Linux V1.2 expands the number of adjustable parameters to match those in PenMount PCIUtility for Windows V1.4 with all functions and features available in a text mode menu to facilitate user parameter setting.  PenMount PCIUtility for Linux V1.2 also supports CRC, Enhanced Driving, and SR. By running PenMount PCIUtility for Linux V1.2 with specific arguments, users can update firmware, construct a system reference, conduct open/short tests, and measure noise level directly from the command line without initiating PenMount PCIUtility.

PenMount listens to customer-side suggestions and needs and continues to provide advanced functions that are convenient to use. Simultaneously, we put ourselves in the customers’ shoes to offer greater consideration on behalf of customers, provide comprehensive touch solutions, and assist customers in successfully introducing PCAP touch products. This has always been PenMount’s direction. If you have any questions or product inquires, you are welcome to contact us for more information.  Have a lucky and prosperous Year of the Dog!

You are welcome to download all of PenMount’s standard product data and drivers directly from our website at: http://www.amtouch.com.tw or http://www.penmount.com. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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