21.5″ Outdoor Application Open Frame

This open frame monitor is specifically designed for gas stations.  Certain outdoor environments such as gas stations must confront pollutants including oil and gas in addition to water and large amounts of dust.  This requires enhanced prevention of dust and water infiltration.  The X215-020 builds on the design concept of the X215-001 (high brightness 1600nit outdoor display and anti-UV/heat dissipating design) and further lowers the height of the open frame front bezel to produce a height difference between the décor glass and bezel to form a flat surface.  This surface is then covered in rubber which also encloses the décor glass.  A tight seal is formed after installing the X215-020 into the customer’s system which can achieve a greater air-tight effect.  This design not only can withstand rain and humidity, it resists desert-like hot days and freezing nights.


  • True-flat Water Resistant Design
  • 8mm chemically strengthened printed black border decor glass
  • Décor glass completely sealed with rubber gasket meets IP65 dust and water ingress protection standard
  • Anti-UV OCA
  • IR Film heat insulation on rear side of touch panel
  • 1600 nit high brightness LCD, readable in outdoor sunlight
  • Black enameled metal back panel protects LCD and control board
  • Cooling vents to ensure system operation stability
  • VESA mount to facilitate assembly
  • Front plate to facilitate front/rear mounting