Latest Firmware versions

PenMount has developed a series of projected capacitive input (PCI or PCAP) touch control boards with different driving and sensing lines to match all sizes of AMT PCAP touch panels. In order to continue improving the performance of PCAP control boards, PenMount provides updated firmware for each product model and the update utility “PMUpdate.exe” to users for updating firmware.

PenMount recommends users upgrade PCAP control boards to the latest firmware. The firmware version of your PCAP control boards can be obtained by using the “PCIMSet.exe” utility in Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8/ 10 & Linux when using an USB or RS-232 interface. Please contact us for updated Firmware and PmFu.exe utility requests. Firmware update instructions are in the PCAP User’s Guide.

The latest firmware versions for PCAP control boards are as follows:

Release date : June 2019

PenMount PCAP ControllerPenMount ICLatest Firmware version
PM1400AP2-04, P2-021400A.1.8.0
PM1401P2-04, P2-021401.1.5.0
PM1410P2-08 * 21410.6.1.0
PM1415P2-08 * 21415.6.1.0
PM1500P2-04 * 1, P2-02 * 21500.1.7.0
PM1710P2-08 * 21710.6.1.0
PM1711P2-08 * 21711.6.1.0
PM1715P2-08 * 21715.6.1.0
PM2101 COFP2-022101.2.1.0
PM2102 COFP2-032102.1.0.0
PM2103 COFP2-062103.6.1.0
PM2201 COFP2-032201.3.1.0
PM2203B COFP2-062203B.3.3.0
PM2204 COFP2-062204.6.1.0
PM2300 COFP2-062300.3.3.0
PM2303 COFP2-082303.6.1.0

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