Touchscreen Display Solution

Customers are looking for a touch panel with LCD as a single part number solution that allows them to source a complete touch assembly from one supplier.  Now, AMT will release our single part number solution as Touch Display products to fulfill customer product design, manufacturing, and purchasing requirements. The AMT Touch Display is a complete touch product that includes an AMT resistive or PCAP touch panel, PenMount resistive or PCAP touch control board, bonding service, and LCD panel.

amt touch display

Since there are a score of LCD panel suppliers in the market, AMT has only selected a few top quality suppliers for our customers. Of course, if customers wish to use their qualified LCD panel supplier, we will also cooperate with customers to fulfill their requirements.

Bonding Service

There are several ways to assemble the touch panel to LCD panel, AMT can provide the following two ways of bonding:

  • Air Bonding: Touch Panel + DSA + LCD panel
  • Optical bonding: Touch Panel + SOCA + LCD panel

Optical bonding is a good choice for maximum light transmission from the LCD, minimized reflection rate, and extra durability.

AMT Dry Bonding Advantages

  • Up to 94% light transmission
  • Reduced reflection rate
  • Extreme temperature specifications
  • Passes OCA yellowing test
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Repairable after delivery
  • Size is up to 24”
  • Available SOCA thicknesses: 0.3, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.3 mm (depending on LCD frame thickness)

In addition, customers have the option of adding AMT’s exclusive PhotoReal décor glass to enhance the aesthetics of the Touch Display product.  AMT PhotoReal décor glass printing is extremely flexible and can produce designs intricate enough to fulfill any customer requests.