Touchscreen Display Solution

The AMT Touchscreen Display Solution (TDS) is an all-in-one product combining a LCD panel, AMT projected capacitive (PCAP) or resistive touch screen, PenMount touch screen controller, firmware, drivers, and bonding service. AMT Touch Display Solutions are “one-stop-shop” products that simplify customer supply chains and procurement.


In terms of touch screen and LCD panel lamination, customers can choose either tape bonding or full optical bonding as the preferred lamination method. A TDS is a convenient module for expediting new customer projects and the entire component can be obtained from AMT for maximum efficiency and flexibility in procurement, management, and design. Choosing AMT TDS have access to AMT’s superb technical support and customer service.

TDS Structure

Download AMT Touchscreen Display Solution Datasheet


AMT Touchscreen Display Features

  • Simplified supply chain from one vendor
  • Simple communication of project requirements
  • Varied LCD panel selection
  • Good TDS quality control in-house at AMT
  • Excellent pre/after-sales service
  • Long-term supply
  • Short lead time with touch panel and bonding process performed at AMT

AMT Touchscreen Display Product feature

AMT Optical Bonding Advantages

  • Using Lucent Gel for dry bonding
  • Up to 94% light transmission
  • Reduced reflection rate
  • Extreme temperature specifications
  • Passes OCA yellowing test
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Repairable after delivery
  • Size is up to 24”
  • Available SOCA thicknesses: 0.3~1.5 mm (depending on LCD frame thickness)

Product Specification

AMT Touchscreen Display Product