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11/20/2020 | Bulletin No : AMTNE20012

Over the years, AMT has been focused on developing and producing high quality touch panel products. During product development, we are also thinking about how we can protect the environment, reduce pollution, and conserve energy so that we can achieve the company’s vision of a sustainable business model. Furthermore, AMT continues to care for the disadvantaged groups in our society. We believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive. By putting this belief into practice, we believe we’ll be rewarded with spiritual happiness. Therefore, not only do we donate money and supplies to charities and needed individuals, we also encourage AMT employees to engage in volunteer work. We hope that through our care and acts of love we can better understand the needs of those who are disadvantaged and spread love to all corners of the society.

AMT continues to care for Taiwan’s rural aboriginals. This year we donated 3,900kg of white rice to numerous tribes in Pingtung County’s Wutai Township, hoping we can help feed the elders and the disadvantaged families in the tribe. In addition, we donate to World Peace’s “breakfast with love” initiative helping disadvantaged children develop properly and study well. AMT has long supported sports club in rural schools too. We hope that school children can develop healthy exercise habits during their time away from books. Pingtung County’s Football Development Association, an organization that promotes the sport of soccer to middle school and elementary school children, has also been receiving donations from AMT. In addition, we donated to Pingtung’s Spring Day elementary school’s Judo team, giving the students additional supplements in the form of boiled eggs and extended shelf life milk. We are proud to announce that earlier this year Spring Day elementary’s Judo team obtained 2 silver and 4 bronze medals in the National Judo Competition.

Later this year we planned three meaningful volunteer and family activities, hoping to improve employees and their families’ mental and spiritual health. We would like to share with our readers here:

The first is the Chinese Christian Relief Association’s (CCRA) Companion Reading Program. This program aims to help the parents who are unable to spend time with and teach their children after school due to a busy work schedule or financial reasons. Because of this, the CCRA started the “Companion Reading Program for Children of Disadvantaged Families” in 2004. This program has since helped children of disadvantaged families attend after-school tutoring, character development classes, talent classes and family care programs for free, allowing parents to work with ease without worrying about their children. AMT has now adopted six Companion Reading Programs in Taiwan’s northern region, mainly providing them with after class snacks and dinner. Aside from material donations, we believe that “Companionship is the most beautiful gift”. Late October of this year, there were ten AMT employees who passionately volunteered for the Companion Reading Program, playing games and eating snacks with the students. Colleagues then accompanied them to do homework and play sports. After an afternoon of spending time together, our colleagues and the kids got acquainted with each other nicely and spent a wonderful time together.


The second event has to do with environmental protection. In early November, we held a beach cleaning activity at the Taiwan’s northern coast. A total of 38 employees, managers, and their families joined. Originally, there were concerns regarding consecutive days of bad weather, but during the event the weather became sunny almost as if God is supporting us in this meaningful endeavor. To motivate the participants, we held a beach cleaning competition in which the team that could pick up the most trash in a given time would win. After the cleaning, we arranged delicious meals for our colleagues to enjoy and afterwards a knowledge tour at the Taipower Exhibition Hall.


The last event was during mid-November. We held a parent-child DIY cake making experience in which 59 colleagues and their families attended. Together with their kids, our colleagues at AMT experienced the joy of DIY while making delicious taro cakes. Everybody had a great time, and the bond between parents and children was clearly strengthened.


AMT hopes that after attending these meaningful events our colleagues will help others with passion, learn to cherish the natural environment, and build a deeper relationship with family members. We firmly believe that spiritually and mentally healthy employees are the key to our continuous success. AMT invites you to take care of the environment and help the needed in our society, so that we can fill the world with love and compassion.

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