AMT Focuses on Its Green Initiative

01/17/2018 | Bulletin No : AMTNE18001

Happy New Year 2018!  Thank you for joining us again to usher in the New Year with the first AMT newsletter of 2018!  This year, our continuing mission is innovate AMT’s product line and maintain the excellent service you have come to expect.  At the same time, we have rededicated ourselves to stewardship of the environment, our community, and those that are less fortunate.  In 2018, AMT has made it a priority to use even less resources, materials, and energy to supply our customers with the most functional, reliable, and durable total touch solutions on the market and new products that simplify and elevate your touch experience.  This year also marks the 20 anniversary of AMT’s founding.  We will be holding events to mark this achievement throughout the year.  AMT wishes you great success in achieving your goals, peace, and prosperity in 2018!

AMT has always been committed to green procurement for a healthier environment.  Last year, we received recognition for our efforts from the Keelung municipal government as part of its “2016 Private Enterprise and Groups Green Procurement” event.  This is our second consecutive award.  Our accomplishments included, prioritizing green mark products and energy efficient laptop computers. In addition, we encourage our employees to participate in meaningful community service.  In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding industrial area where AMT is located, our staff is also involved in beach clearing events to restore the natural condition of Taiwan’s northern coastline.  We continue to strive to sustain a spirit of caring for the environment by  organizing our workplace, adopting green design, and implementing the concept of green procurement.  This allows AMT and all of us to do our part for planet Earth.

This year, we plan to introduce the new international ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management systems – requirements) standard.  ISO 45001 “will help organizations reduce [the burden of occupational injuries and diseases] by providing a framework to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions, all over the world.”  In addition to protecting employee health and safety, ISO 45001 also contributes to quality, environmental, information security, and energy management within organizations and the integration of these various systems.  We hope that the implementation of ISO 45001 will reduce workplace risk and achieve the vision of a sustainable business.

In September of 2017, AMT President Lillian Chao visited one of our German distributors’ (SCHURTER GmbH) production lines.  During this tour, Ms. Chao was impressed by one of the operators at work on the line who candidly expressed her opinion of AMT’s product packaging.  She remarked that AMT packing cartons can hold more touch panels.  This way, AMT can conserve packaging materials and SCHURTER can see a reduction in the amount of packing material waste requiring disposal.  This suggestion from an onsite line operator spurred us to reexamine our design to see if more items could truly be packaged safely in our shipping cartons to avoid wasted materials and benefit the environment.

Taking inspiration from this concerned German employee, the AMT team redesigned our overall touch panel packaging.  We saw that a 2 carton design required more packing materials and requires more time to unpack on the customer-end, so we moved from a 2 carton design to a single carton.  Through extensive testing, this new single carton design was shown to exhibit the same protective qualities as the old design with half the packing materials.  AMT is currently in the process of moving all standard products over to this new environmentally-friendly packaging.  AMT  listens to our customers  and we implement policies that are beneficial to all parties with a goal of helping our customers reduce their waste disposal costs while simultaneously easing the associated strain on the environment.

The entire AMT family invites you to join us in creating a greener future in AMT’s 20th anniversary year!  This year, we plan to bring you new and exciting touch products.  We look forward to a memorable year with you!

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