UV Resistance Design

As the specifications of projected capacitive (PCI or PCAP) touch panels continue to advance, this technology is being applied to more and more mission critical systems in the industrial, medical, and commercial fields. This broadening of product applications leads us to forecast that PCAP systems will become ubiquitous in outdoor venues.

However, outdoor application means exposure to direct sunlight and long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light will affect PCAP panel appearance such as PCAP top glass hard coat cracking and hazing or varying degrees of yellowing and bubbling. All these phenomena reduce transparency and contribute to a flawed appearance. Cracking and bubbling also impedes operation. Industrial, medical, and commercial systems located outdoors for long periods of time require an Anti-UV feature. Thus, AMT offers a UV resistant PCAP touch solution to equip outdoor industrial, medical, and commercial systems exposed to direct long-term sunlight with Anti-UV characteristics.

On the light spectrum, UV light falls outside the range of visible light and has a wavelength ranging from 100nm to 400nm. UV light can be further divided into UVA with a wavelength of 315nm to 400nm, UVB with a wavelength of 280nm to 315nm, and UVC with a wavelength of 100nm to 280nm.


PCAP top glass blocks UV wavelengths of less than approximately 300nm which includes UVB and UVC. This range does not include UVA meaning UVA will pass through the top glass. AMT’s UV resistant PCAP touch panel utilizes Anti-UV materials that block UV wavelengths less than approximately 400nm. Using these Anti-UV materials can meet the specifications of outdoors applications. AMT has performed a PCAP touch panel test based on ASTM G154 with this Anti-UV design and the test results meet ASTM G154 performance criteria Cycle 1 for 500 hours.

AMT’s Anti-UV materials extend the lifespan of PCAP touch panels placed in outdoor settings and ensures reliable continuous operation for mission critical systems.

AMT Touch Panels with UV Resistance Brochure


  • Outdoor kiosks
  • Interactive advertising billboards
  • Port facilities
  • Vehicle or marine systems
  • Devices requiring resistance to prolonged sunlight exposure

Design Points

  • Blocks UV wavelengths less than ≈400nm
  • Meets ASTM G154 performance criteria Cycle 1 for 500 hours




Surface Finish


Light Transmission




Operating Temperature


UV Spec

ASTM G154 Cycle 1 500 Hours

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