Advanced Resistive

In addition to standard 4-, 5- and 8-wire resistive touch screens, AMT has successfully developed the following advanced resistive touch screens:

  1. Low Reflective Touch Screen: The reflectivity of this touch screen is minimized to 1.5% which allows system developers to integrate this panel for outdoor use without rectifying the LCD. 4-, 5- and 8-wire designs are available for this product.
  2. High Light Transmission Touch Screen: This touch screen provides users with the best light transmission rate so the clarity of pictures on the LCD will not be distorted. With a light transmission rate as high as 85%, High Light Transmission touch screens will greatly increase the visibility of your product.
  3. Glass-Film-Glass Touch Screen: This touch screen is designed with an anti-scratch touch surface, by using two types of materials, either thin glass or HD film as the touch surface, surface hardness can reach 9H or higher than 5 Mohs and is further enhanced with delicate touch control, high temperature resistance, and excellent waterproofing. In addition, GFG touch screen structure combines well with low-reflective touch screens.
  4. Touch Window: A “true flat” frameless touch screen that confers a stylish outline to your product. A décor layer is printed on the top of the touch panel.
  5. Framed Touch: A variation of Touch Window with Film-Glass construction and featuring a smoothed outline.
  6. Mullti-Finger Touch Screen: A maximum of 12 touches can be detected simultaneously. Various sizes available from 3” to 22”.